Corporate Social Responsibility

KGEYES is highly conscious about the society and the environment. The company has always gone with nature – whether in conserving water at the construction site or in using natural light while designing the structure or in replenishing what came from Mother Earth.KGEYES is also committed to contributing to the nature by developing many Green Homes certified projects. The highly rated and much coveted Gold Rated Green Homes certification is already obtained by KGEYES for its prestigious luxury condominium project ‘KGEYES Eternity’ in Kalakshetra Colony, Besant Nagar, Chennai.KGEYES is known as a responsible corporate citizen. The transparent, value-driven business dealings of KGEYES result in a positive climate in the society for others to follow. KGEYES believes strongly that ‘a seed well sown is worth a thousand bushes’. The company has always cared for poor children by providing them with books, clothes, stationeries & transportation facilities. Many such students have brought laurels to their parents, the school and society as a whole.

The company understands that its employees are its first patrons and continuously contribute towards the education expenses of their children through ‘Paramaguru Memorial Kgeyes Employees Educational Fund’. KGEYES also contributes 0.1% of its revenues towards charity work and children’s education for the upliftment of the society they live in.